How to Free Yourself from the People Pleasing Trap

Join me for my special training session and set yourself free

During this exclusive training we will take a deep dive into the People Pleasing Trap. What makes us people pleasers? Why do we do it? Just how damaging is it to our wellbeing? Most importantly, how do we take positive action towards valuing our worth, setting healthy boundaries, and putting ourselves first in line for some much needed self-care!

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Jane Bellis

Jane has a wealth of experience within The Arts, including 25 years in the Fashion, Beauty and Media Industry, tutoring, coaching and mentoring for the past 15 years. Author of 'The Art of Feeling Better' & 'The Confidence Key' and Director of Art and Soul Tribe CIC, Jane developed Mindset Mojo to work with people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to strengthen and support mental health resilience and wellbeing. A qualified CBT, NLP and Kinetic Shift Practitioner, Energy healer, and Youth resilience and wellbeing coach, Jane is passionate about bringing her own blend of engaging and easy to follow videos, activities and downloads to anyone who needs to find their Mojo!