Learn Wholesaling - The Eternal Promise of Real Estate Investing

Wholesaling - A LOT of newbies have gotten started doing wholesaling. Its a strategy where you acquire a deal and then flip the contract. Ok. That's it class over..... let's go home and enjoy! Seriously though, in this webinar, I will teach you how to wholesale in TODAY's economy AND how to wholesale once the market changes.

Topics Covered

Steps of wholesaling Is it legal?

Knowing your buyer and where to find him Knowing your seller and where to find her Which kind of investor is this for - People, Paper or Property?

What are the clauses to include in your contract?

Where to find the contracts for free?

Which timelines to put your buyer on? Which timelines to put your seller on?

What costs to calculate - Sales, Fixup, Financing etc.

Accurate ARV calculation.

Ninja Tips

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