As you probably remember the 2008 crash and the subsequent recession was the LARGEST transfer of wealth in the history of mankind. Yes. Even more than all the historic conquerors like Alexander the Great and Hannibal. Well, history repeats itself and the winds of uncertainty are upon us.

The pandemic, the subsequent lockdown, the drop in the economic output, and the measures 'they' are taking to pump the economy have been in the news for months now.

What is going to happen to the economy? How is it going to affect housing?

Why is Housing RED hot in some areas of the country while down in many others?

What phase of the market cycle are we in? What are the emotional phases of the cycle?

How are Jobs, Income Instability, GDP Growth, Unemployment Gains, Inventory, Interest Rates behaving?

What about the future?

We will discuss ALL of these factors.


How it will affect each of the Real Estate Investment-related professionals like





Wholesalers AND

how what is happening to all these professions affect you as an INVESTOR.

We will ALSO give you where you can further your own research should you choose to.

Make sure you register for this because this WILL get full before you know it.

Next session starts in:





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