Exercise Your Mind by Opening Up to Learning. 

Are You Ready To Open Your Mind To Learning?

Dr. Yaz will show you how to transform the way you learn and teach!

Dr. Yaz

Dr. Yazmene Thomas possess over 24 years of consulting, teaching, and administrative leadership experience within K-12 and adult education. She obtained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Master’s in Education, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership with a specialization in Curriculum and Instruction. She is a Certified Advanced Facilitator, Certified Trainer, Certified Teacher of English as a Foreign Language, and a host of other skills that will guarantee you an awesome learning experience. Her academic career has been both varied and rewarding. As an approachable and versatile professional with a propensity for continuous improvement, she had the opportunity to hold several different positions in the field of education. These skills afforded her the opportunity to move to China to teach EFL/ESL classes to adult students, and train teachers in this field. These invaluable experiences have enabled her to discover her greatest strengths such as providing engaging and effective education to adult learners.


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