How to Manage Your Cashflow

Profit First Overview Webinar

Business owners constantly struggle with cashflow issues.

Understand the concepts of profit first a behavioral system that leverages human behavior of Bank balance accounting so that you can overcome cash flow challenges.

This process will allow you to know exactly how much cash is on hand to pay expenses, pay you the owner, the tax man and take profit distributions like the big boys.

What you will learn:

  1. Core Principles of Profit First
  2. Instant Assessment
  3. Implement Profit First

Hosted by: Andrea C Russell,

Certified Profit First Professional & BMS Business Coach

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Presented by:

Andrea Russell

Andrea Russell is the CEO of ACR Bookkeeping & Journey to Business Success a Profit First Certified accounting firm whose goal is to help business owners build businesses that will make them money to buy investments to live a life of their dreams.

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