WEBINAR: How to get work experience based on what employers are really looking for.

In the webinar you'll get ahead by learning all about;

  • Bridging the vocational skills gap
  • Understanding what employers are looking for
  • How to get work experience
  • All about how people like you are getting ahead with our Kickstart Performance Skills course

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Steve Ingham

Dr. Steve Ingham is one of the world's leading performance scientists, having supported some of the world’s greatest athletes such as Jessica Ennis-Hill, Sir Steve Redgrave, Sir Matthew Pinsent.  Steve has extensive experience leading high performance teams - having led the 'support team behind the team' for the Athens, London and Rio Olympics.  Uniquely he has spent the last 25 years developing performance science support staff and teams. He is a leading authority on what it takes to be successful as a practitioner in sports performance. Steve is a best-selling author of the book How to Support a Champion - which tells his story of working with the greats and makes the case for us to learn and adapt throughout our careers.