How to Charge What You're Worth and Get It!

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What you will learn:

Inadequate pricing is the root of a struggling business. Entrepreneurs overwork, overdeliver, and under-price far too often.

Upleveling pricing conveys high quality, trustworthiness, and attracts clients that value your abilities.

Uncovering our money mindset issues helps us let go of the guilt of charging more. Remember, your pricing will never be low enough! {Someone is bound to say you're too expensive!}

When entrepreneurs uplevel their pricing, they free up their time to stay attentive and provide excellent service without sacrificing their self-care, nights, and weekends.

Presented by:

Janet Johnson, MBA
[email protected]

Profit Breakthrough Coach, 26 Years Experience. Quinnipiac College Bachelor's in Management and Quinnipiac University Master's in Business Administration. Central Connecticut State University Lean Tools Certificate. Sacred Money Archetypes® Certified Coach.

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