Should you set up your own consultancy and if so what will help you get started?

A webinar to help you if you're thinking of making the move to setting up your own side-hustle or full-time enterprise.

If you’ve begun to think about...

  • Developing a side hustle?
  • Taking ownership of the intellectual property you've created?
  • Charging people for your services on top of or alongside your employed work?
  • Building a business for your future that isn't dependent on contract renewal?

This webinar will share with you;

  • The key questions that need answering before you take the plunge
  • How to create your offer
  • The biggest mindset shift you need to allow you to progress
  • More information about the Setting Up Your Own consultancy course and how it can guide you to taking action

Only sign up for this webinar if you’re giving consideration to setting up your own business and consulting as a part of your income.

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