Janet Johnson | Certified Financial Business Coach (yep, I do branding too!)

New 2022 Branding? YES!

Now that we're all transparent and genuine because of the pandemic, it's time to ease away the "strict professional persona" and rebrand to showcase who are are, 100%—feeling brave? If so, join me for today's Webinar Wednesday/Lunch & Learn about branding my way.

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What you will learn:

Branding goes beyond logos, colors, and fonts

It's time to lead with your brand first then your business brand

Branding makes you memorable, and people won't forget you even when they click away

Authentic branding is a heart-to-heart connection. You are "un-copy-cat-able"

Presented by:

Janet Johnson, MBA
[email protected]

Profit Breakthrough Coach, 26 Years Experience. Quinnipiac College Bachelor's in Management and Quinnipiac University Master's in Business Administration. Central Connecticut State University Lean Tools Certificate. Sacred Money Archetypes® Certified Coach.

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