Janet Johnson | Certified Financial Business Coach (yep, we reconstruct your USP too!)

Unique Selling Proposition

Get your Game Face on! It's time to bring out the big cheese!

Now more than ever, technology has burst open the market. We can work with anyone, anywhere, remotely! Is this a good thing? Yes and no. That means for business owners in Connecticut/Northeast is that we have plenty more competitors who can likely beat us on price. So, what does that mean? Stop competing at the lowest price! Lean on your USP and signature offer. Sound silly? Nope. Let's discuss.

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What you will learn:

Most people "poo-poo" their unique selling proposition because they're too polite

What is a USP (unique selling proposition) anyway?

Brainstorm your USP with cheerleaders. Not downers.

Market research VS personal research? A little of both, please.

Presented by:

Janet Johnson, MBA
[email protected]

Profit Breakthrough Coach, 26 Years Experience. Quinnipiac College Bachelor's in Management and Quinnipiac University Master's in Business Administration. Central Connecticut State University Lean Tools Certificate. Sacred Money Archetypes® Certified Coach.

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