The Dunn Matthews Law Firm June 2022 Webinar


Through the Trials and Tribulations

Do you struggle with being a good coparent or responding to a difficult coparent?

Do you want to be better in your coparenting style?

Do You Want to Stay Out of The Courtroom?

Then this webinar is for you!

Starting in:





We'll be Discussing:

Ways to Improve Your Coparenting

What to Do When Your Coparent Isn't Coparenting

Final Decision-Making Authority and What Does it Really Mean

How to Best Utilize Coparenting Apps

What to Consider When Choosing to Use a Coparenting Counselor

Presented by Attorney Dené Matthews

Dené Matthews
[email protected]

The family unit is the one thing Attorney Matthews holds as of great importance. She is close with various members of her family and believes that even through troubling family times, it is important for everyone to remain connected. ​ For that reason, Attorney Matthews takes great pride in how she tends to her client's divorce, custody, legitimation, and all other family law matters. The family, without a healthy individual over it, can't possibly move forward in life, and leave a positive effect on those behind them. Attorney Matthews started The Dunn Matthews Law Firm in 2014 with the idea that adjusting to life after a family change doesn't have to be a stressful time, but it will have a profound impact afterwards. Attorney Matthews and her team believe that litigation doesn't have to be as horrible as it has historically been made to seem but if you find yourself in that situation the methods her team uses to move you from point A to point B will place you in a position of knowing that your legal matter is being handled with the highest level of strategy and care. Attorney Matthews is versatile, honest, and straightforward in her approach. Attorney Matthews is married to LeRoy. Together they have two awesome little boys, Bryce and Dylan, and one sweet little princess, Alyson. She enjoys spending time reading, investing in self-care, and living a life with no regrets. Her motto is God first, family second, and everything else is a close second.

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