Learn my exact step my step process on how to build a loyal and raving review team.

How to build a loyal team and start creating more freedom in your business.

Building a loyal and raving review team is the missing key to you running the business of your dreams!

 You’ll learn exactly WHY inside of Bridal Team Blueprint – The Workshop.

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What you will learn:

🥂 The biggest mistakes to avoid when hiring your first team members to save your headaches.

 🥂 My signature 5-step process that will help you step into your role as a leader and a BOSS – a crucial process.

 🥂 The 8 things you need to do to establish yourself as an authority figure in your team (so that you’re not just seen as ‘another one of the girls’ but as the LEADER)

 🥂 How to set rules and boundaries with your team via a rock-solid contract so that you’re protected legally from the get-go.

 🥂 My top tips for keeping your team happy so they stick with you long-term and don’t leave you for your competition.

Presented by:

Brianna Michelle
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