Flying Filmmaker FREE Drone Filmmaking Training - Top 10 Secrets to Cinematic Drone Videos

Learn the 10 biggest secrets to creating cinematic drone videos in this completely free value-packed 45-minute training.

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What you'll learn:

Secret #1 Gear

What gear do I need?

Secret #2 Color Profile

Should I use LOG or normal color?

Secret #3 Exposure

How do I keep from over or under exposing my shots?

Secret #4 White Balance

How do I set white balance correctly?

Secret #5 Composition

How should I compose my shots for maximum impact?

Secret #6 Smooth Motion

How do I get smooth drone shots?

Secret #7 Five Axis Principle

How can I make my shots more dynamic?

Secret #8 Lighting

What types of natural lighting are most cinematic?

Secret #9 Editing

How do I edit my shots into a clean professional video?

Secret #10 Color Grading

How can I use color grading to transform my shots from average to exceptional?