What is the Role of Long-Term Thinking in Game-Changing Strategy?

Like most other Caribbean firms, your company has focused on its survival for the past two years. Things have been tough: retaining revenue while containing costs has been everyone's pre-occupation. 

But you probably know that COVID has, in addition to closing doors, opened up a bunch of new ones. These new openings could lead the way to game-changing strategies, but you haven't had time to think, let alone get the team together to do some real planning.

However, you haven't forgotten the need to plan. Great strategies have separated Netflix from Blockbuster Videos, Samsung from Nokia, and it could do the same for your regional organization.

But creating a game-changing strategy isn't as easy as waving a wand - there are certain steps you must follow to move your team to breakthrough thinking so it not only wins battles, but also the all-important war. After all, who wants to be a short-termer like Kodak when there are long-termers like Fuji Film who are thriving?

Should your company also inspire its stakeholders with long-term thinking to overcome todays' chaotic challenges? Join this webinar for a discussion about the value of farsighted planning and practical steps to implement it.

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Francis A Wade

Hi and welcome. I'm the owner of Framework Consulting and host of the Caribbean Strategy Conference. My firm helps companies produce extroardinary strategic plans that lead to game-changing results. During the June 23-25 2022 conference we'll be giving away a number of our secrets as one of the presenters. I was trained as an Operations Researcher at Cornell, then worked for AT&T Bell Labs, before starting my own company and becoming a decade-long regional business columnist.


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