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How to Craft your Life Purpose and author a Personal Legacy Plan in just 30 days

Stop running your life on auto-pilot and with an unclear life path.

The only true happiness comes from squandering ourselves for a purpose. - William Cowper

When goals go, meaning goes. When meaning goes, purpose goes. When purpose goes, life goes dead in our hands. - Carl Jung

Firmness of purpose is one of the most necessary sinews of character, and one of the best instruments of success. Without it genius wastes its efforts in a maze of inconsistencies. - Philip Dormer Chesterfield

Unless a life is activated by sustained purpose it can become a depressingly haphazard affair. - Richard Guggenheimer

Nothing contributes so much to tranquilizing the mind as a steady purpose— a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.

- Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

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Who is this for:

Ideally if you are around middle-age (40-60yrs).

Your life seems to be running on auto-pilot with no clear direction to your life path.

You know that identifying your core life purpose is crucial for wholesome living—but you have struggled to do by yourself till date.

You wish to create a life that you love with vision and hope built in, and desire a decluttered and focused life.  

Presented by:

Jerry Selvaseelan
[email protected]

Hello, I’m Jerry Selvaseelan, Founder of LogicalRetreat Ltd, an Irish Registered Company. Founded with the aim of training and coaching people to craft their purpose of life and write a clear personal legacy plan. I am a certified Life Coach with an specialty in Life Purpose Coaching..

My program lessons, dripped out each day over 30 days will be succinct, visual, focused on new learning and will guide you clearly to apply your new knowledge in your personal situation.

The program is carefully curated from my own lived experiences and draws from the ancient wisdom from philosophical thoughts over the past 2000 years, from the Greek Stoics- Seneca and Epictetus, Japanese concepts of Ikigai, Wabi-sabi and ichi-go ichi-e, Victor Frankl's Logotherapy, Abraham Maslow to more recent thoughts from Isaiah Hankel, Richard Rohr and others.