Painless guidelines and regulations for your company

As an HR Practitioner, the job of writing company policies often falls in your lap. It used to be a quiet, unassuming task, but the advent of COVID has made this a major challenge.

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Hermese Duncan-Alexander and Dr. Cassida Jones Johnson
[email protected]

HERMESE Duncan-Alexander is the founder & CEO of Alpha-Beta Consulting. She is an HR professional with experience in start-up and transition environments. Dr. Cassida Jones Johnson heads up CJ Johnson & Associates, serving Clients at the CEO and C Suite levels.


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This Webinar Replay is for you if:

Your must craft new guidelines covering remote/hybrid working, staying safe in the pandemic and reducing the impact of the "great resignation".

The policies you need to write have high stakes i.e. emotional and legal importance.

Today you must create, roll out, maintain, adhere to and communicate policies in unfamiliar areas of business.

You must avoid the risk of having ineffective, insufficient or archaic policies (which can keep you up at night).