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Implementing an Effective Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework

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This Course is aimed at risk practitioners, internal auditors, and business managers who have, or are looking to build useful Risk Registers and implement, a comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process within their organisation. The workshop covers key aspects of the ERM process from design and implementation to carrying out risk assessments, reporting results and creating follow up actions. The course applies the COSO 2017 standards and involves hands on exercises to reinforce concepts covered.

Program Agenda

Module 1. A Framework for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
•What is Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)?
•Risk Management Framework (COSO)

Module 2. Steps in the ERM Process 
•Deciding on participants (Identify Business Units)
•Identify Business Objectives 
•Identify Operating model (Key processes/events, information)
•Identifying risks/Building risk registers (Inherent and residual);
•Determine risk causes and effects
•Understanding Risk Appetite/Risk Tolerance

Module 3. More steps in the ERM Process
•Identifying response methods (Avoid, transfer, accept, mitigate)
•Likelihood and impact scales (High, Medium, Low)
•Identifying controls (Preventative/Detective Controls)
•Assessing the effectiveness of controls 
•Clarifying roles/responsibilities (Audit Com/Risk Mgrs/Int.Audit)
•Identifying Risk Owners

Module 4. ERM Monitoring
•Risk monitoring and review
•Conducting periodic assessment updates
•Continuous assessments

Module 5. ERM Reporting 
•Types of reports and information
•Communication of information 
•Including ERM in an aggregated dashboard report
•Interpreting reports
•Escalations, follow ups/action plans (Certifications to Board)

What Course includes:
•1 Pre-recorded video training session with an ERM Expert
5 interactive training modules
Downloadable worksheet with easy to complete exercises
Downloadable resources for managing risk
•Explanations of Risk and ERM concepts

Course Price: $595 BSD/USD

Presented by:

Anishka Collie-CPA,CIA
[email protected]

Over 20 years of experience in auditing, enterprise risk management, corporate governance, business process reviews, internal controls, financial planning, consulting and accounting. Specializes in the Financial Services Industry (Insurance Companies, Banks, Funds, Credit Unions).