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The Sales Page Success Workshop For Course Creators

Learn how to create a high-converting sales page for your course, harnessing the power of persuasion theory, buyer psychology, and compelling copy. Without hiring expensive copywriters or overwhelming guesswork. Follow along step-by-step to map out your sales page in less than 2 hours.

Hosted by:

Siobhán James
[email protected]

Messaging Expert

3 Steps to a Course Sales Page That Sells on Auto-Pilot

Join me for this free workshop and we'll cover...

🧠 Persuasion Psychology - Learn how to define your audience's core motivations, desires, goals and values—so your message can make your product truly irresistible at a psychological level.

🪜 Messaging Structure - Get the blueprint for a powerful sales page structure that maps precisely onto how humans actually make decisions—so they're guided through every step of the journey without friction.

🤯 Compelling Copy - Learn how to write compelling copy with 32 pro tips for getting the right voice, tone, phrasing and syntax—so that your copy holds their attention and commands action.

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