Free training to understand where to start with glazing your creations

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What you will learn:

How to choose your glazes (high or low temperature, glaze or slip, etc.)
How to apply glaze on a ceramic piece
How to avoid defects (drips, pinholes, shrinkage...)
The secret to saving 96% on the cost of glaze
Download a summary of the course at the end of the webinar!
And there’s a little surprise at the end...

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Presented by:

Matthieu Liévois

Matthieu Liévois, a potter-ceramist for 40 years, a glaze-creation specialist, and the founder of Creamik professional ceramics school

Did you know?

 Creating and applying glazes is highly misunderstood, even among professionals! That’s because there are very few courses on it...

  Creamik school is known especially for its instruction on glazing and is in high demand: every year, it receives 4 times as many applications from students looking for professional training than it has spaces for.

 The information shared in this webinar is from the instruction given to students taking professional training!

This free training is for you if:

 You have never used glaze, and you don’t know where to start

 You have used industrial glaze, and you’re not happy with the results...

 Whether you are just starting out, a keen amateur or already a professional, you want to learn more about glazing techniques!

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Feedback on previous free trainings:

Thank you for all your explanations... It’s fascinating!!! Helene Godefroid

I really enjoyed this evening’s webinar: your explanations are clear and very useful. J Olagord

Thank you so much for this very helpful information. Marc Elusa