Expert learning on how CLEAR acne and dark marks for GOOD!

Learn From DOCTORS - What REALLY Clears Acne and Dark Marks

Learn all the important tips and tricks on how to prevent or effectively treat acne and dark marks. Stop wasting time with 'YouTube Skin gurus', learn all you need to know right HERE!

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What you will learn:

What REALLY Causes ACNE - Learn a simple way of understand the causes of acne

What REALLY Causes Hyperpigmentation - Learn the true causes of dark marks, PIH and hyperpigmentation.

The TOP ingredients - Learn about the most effective ingredients to treat acne and dark marks

What to look for in skincare products - Confused with skincare products? Find out how to tell the good, from the bad!

Presented by:

Dr Linda Odogwu
[email protected]

I have over 15years experience in treating Skin of colour. Sign up and tune in to hear all the industry secrets and learn about how to prevent and treat skin of colour