In this free workshop I'll show you my exact 'battle-tested' blueprint for accelerated song learning

"How to Get 10x Better at Guitar by Cutting out 90% of your Usual Practice Time in as little as 10 Minutes per Day..."

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The 3 secret ways to learn guitar and why you actually need to know what they are and which is best for you to be successful.don't miss this one secret

The simple, yet counterintuitive method that everyday people with limited time are becoming better at guitar, in as little as 10 minutes per day

The 3 deadly progression killers to avoid when picking which of your favourite songs to learn next

A sneak peek into the newest version of Guitar Song Secrets (including the new STRUMMING training)

This workshop is presented by:

Dave Donoghue
[email protected]

Hi there Guitarist! My name's Dave. When I started out on Guitar. I spent a LOT of time trying to figure everything out on my own. I used books and the internet trying to piece everything together and despite some small successes, I often felt lost, confused and discouraged, forming bad habits and feeling like I was messing about with guitar, rather than mastering it. In one night, hearing one song changed my life. I set out on a quest to learn that song and in the process took my playing to the next level. Today I help online guitarists like you learn more of their favourite songs in half the time it would take browsing the internet alone.

What you'll discover on this free workshop:

Secret #1: The 4 ways you could learn guitar and which is best for you.

Secret #2: How people with no musical background, limited time, think they're too old and procrastinate are learning guitar.

Secret #3: The 5 steps to learning new songs in minutes instead of months.