Do you want to learn how to build personal brands for clients?

In this free training, I walk you through the foolproof branding framework I learned when working in branding agencies in San Francisco, CA and Helsinki, Finland. I've adapted the framework to accommodate first-time brand builders and solopreneurs. You can use this to build your own brand. Or start creating personal branding for clients. Enjoy!

Presented by:

Aino Horsma
[email protected]

I'm a designer with 18+ years in the industry, and I’ve worked in branding agencies in San Francisco and in Finland, and I've learned from some of the world’s top creative minds. With 18 years of experience I've seen it all and now I'm on a mission to share what I know with you.

In this training you will learn:

The process for creating powerful brands — what to create, in what order, and to consider in each step

What you need to create for an impactful brand strategy

How that brand strategy feeds into a visual identity — and what is needed for a polished, professional visual identity

How to form a meaningful and impactful brand messaging

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