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Why the (BLEEP) are ambulances so expensive and how to legally never pay out of pocket for emergency transportation?

Ground ambulances are exempt from the no surprise bill act and air ambulances prices have gone up 400%+ over the last 10 years. And what you have to do to protect yourself and your family. This could save your life and your lifesaving!

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What you will learn:

Why your major medical typically doesn't cover all of your ambulance bill: advanced life support vs. basic life support

The effects of the health care crisis on hospitals and ambulances: What is the golden hour and why it is important, and The real issue of getting to the RIGHT hospital.

The clash of two titan industries: health industry vs. insurance industry and how you get caught in the middle.

Why air ambulances are NOT classified as a medical expense?

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Presented by:

Tim Gustafson
[email protected]

My name is Tim, and I have been an insurance broker focused on retirees (Medicare, Life, LTC options and taxed deferred asset protection). I’m looking forward to speaking with you today about bridging the GAP between Major Medical and Emergency transportation. Spoiler alert the cards are stacked against you! About me: I have a beautiful wife, 2 awesome kids, and 2 dogs “Those with good intentions make promises, those with good Character keep them.” “Live your life so those that know you but don’t know Christ, want to know Christ simply because they know you!”

This Masterclass is for you if:

You travel or plan on travelling

You live in a rural area, or high traffic areas and worried about getting to a hospital quickly

You are concerned for high out of pocket cost for an emergency situation

You aren't a millionaire, or are a millionaire and want to stay that way!

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