Strengths Unveiled, Opportunities Unlocked - A Church’s Journey Through SWOT

Join our transformative webinar designed specifically for Pastors and Church leaders seeking to enhance the effectiveness and impact of their Churches. Discover the power of conducting a SWOT analysis adapted to the Church context. Gain valuable insights and practical guidance on assessing internal dynamics, identifying growth opportunities, addressing weaknesses, and navigating challenges. Empower yourself to make informed decisions and develop targeted strategies that align with your Church's mission and vision. Don't miss this opportunity to lead your Church with confidence and purpose. Register now for access to this empowering webinar.

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Presented by:

Jeremy G. Woods
[email protected]

Jeremy is CEO of FaithVenture Media and President of Potter's House Ministries.

This Webinar Training is for you if:

You are a Pastor or Church leader looking to enhance the effectiveness of your Church.

You want to learn how to conduct a SWOT analysis tailored to the unique context of the Church.

You are interested in gaining valuable insights and practical guidance on assessing your Church's internal dynamics.

You are seeking to identify growth opportunities aligned with your Church's mission and vision.

You want to address weaknesses within your Church and develop strategies for improvement.

You are navigating external challenges and want to learn how to proactively mitigate potential threats.

You want to foster collaboration and engagement among Church leaders, members, staff, and volunteers.

You are interested in making informed decisions and effectively allocating resources in your Church.

You want to maximize the impact of your Church's initiatives and outreach programs.

You are committed to fulfilling your Church's mission and positively impacting the lives of individuals and the broader community for Christ.