Unlock New Horizons in North America with Pariplay

"Are you ready to elevate your iGaming business in North America...?"

Discover how Pariplay's Fusion & Ignite platforms can revolutionize your North American gaming offerings
Understand Pariplay's comprehensive solution for game studios looking to expand into North America
Learn more about compliance, licenses, localized content, and the strategic ways Pariplay can bolster your business growth in North America
Knowledge and experience that will help support you North American strategic plans

Tuesday, 3th of October - 5 PM CET

Webinar presented by:

Shivan Patel - Vice President - North America

With over 8 years of experience in the industry, Shivan heads up the North American Business at Pariplay, creating and executing the growth and operational strategies across North America.

Ashley Bloor - Director of Partnerships

With over 13 years of iGaming experience, Ashley leads a team that forges vendor relationships and crafts growth strategies

Tuesday, 3th of October - 5 PM CET

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