Take the Pain Out of Your Launch Process So You Can Position Your Brand for Profitability

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Join me for this LIVE session so you can learn the step by step launch process I used to grow and scale my own business, by putting proven strategies in place and avoiding overwhelm as I navigated the "real-life" challenges women deal with every day.

You do not want to miss this workshop if:

You've been trying to grow your brand alongside your daily responsibilities, but haven't made much progress.

You want to use a proven pre-selling strategy so you can fund your production run AND avoid wasting capital on excess inventory.

You're exhausted from being in DIY-mode, working tirelessly inside your business instead of leveraging it.

✅ You're not sure what strategies to use to attract and delight your true core CUSTOMER base so you can get sales..

You want to position your brand at the right market level so you can scale without sacrificing your profit margin.

✅ You have a BIG JUICY BUSINESS VISION that you believe in and are determined to bring to life.

You're done going in circles and are looking for expert guidance every step of the way, instead of relying on inconsistent, or random information so you can launch (or re-launch) strong!

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What other independent Designers are saying...

" It was such a great experience from start to finish. It allowed me to focus and outline the direction of my brand with confidence (and) provided priceless tools and valuable information to help navigate the fashion industry. Charmaine demonstrated willingness to assist me on this journey every step of the way! and I couldn't be more grateful. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to take the next step in a fashion label/business." 

~ Ashley C

"Taking Charmaine Mischel’s class was single handedly the best decision I made for my own brand. The insider details provided are unparalleled and accurately highlight her years of industry experience. To quantify the information I learned into two words would be, “ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY”. This is honestly for anyone who wants to get insider details on how to launch their brand properly in this day and age especially with technology playing such an influential role. I would even suggest this to someone who wants to fill any gaps in their

knowledge on how to continue running a successful brand." 

~ Dianna L

"Her insights and in-depth analysis provided an essential roadmap for aspiring entrepreneurs trying to build meaningful connections with their customers. One thing she said stood out to me, "Decide if you want to be a Brand or a Commodity."

~ Joshua S

" I had all these ideas! But, learning the process …what I should be doing and how I should be doing it. The way I'm going to handle it (now) is beneficial to me. I'm not going to waste any money.”

~ Char R

"I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to be plugged in with like minded individuals."

~ Vanity S

"Charmaine has created a very in-depth class that assists emerging designers on their journey towards developing their brand to fruition with crystal clear vision. Through all of her instruction in how to develop your own brand, she provides timely must have invaluable industry how to’s and a wellspring of her years of experience! I would recommend this to anyone that is committed to explore how to start or take their fashion brand to the next level!"  

~ Fabienne D

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