AI - Are brands effectively using AI in Creativity and Branding?

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Govan Whittles
[email protected]

ANCHOR | Govan Whittles is a trained journalist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Over the past ten years Whittles has developed extensive contact networks in Gauteng, Eastern Cape, North West, Limpopo, Free State and Cape Town, as well as within South African politics, its unions and the mining sector. On quieter days, Whittles brainstorms episodes of South Africa's only animated political cartoon; PIMPLES.

Tarisai Moffat
[email protected]

MARKETING ENTHUSIAST | Tarisai Moffat is a seasoned executive with over 15years of experience in the content creation, advertising, and marketing sector. She has a proven track record of delivering results for her clients and has a strong reputation for her strategic vision and leadership skills. She co-founded Gateway Synergy without capital and navigated it through a digital transformation during the COVID lockdown. Her work has been recognised at global industry awards, including Promax Global and Women in Marketing UK.

Brad Watridge

27 years ago Brad began his pursuit of a degree from the University of Imagination, honing his storytelling skills and developing a profound appreciation for the symbiotic relationship between technology and creativity. With a passion for innovation and a keen eye for detail, Brad actively supports initiatives that promote SMME and corporate success and advocates for the role of spiritual creativity in personal growth and development. Brad's presentations inspire audiences to embrace their inner creativity, challenge conventions, and view the world through a new lens. Whether on national stages or in intimate workshops, Brad's words resonate with aspiring artists, tech enthusiasts, and dreamers alike. Looking ahead, Brad envisions leveraging AI as a tool for immersive storytelling, promising yet another chapter of innovation in his inspiring journey.

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