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My Easy PerimenopauseMasterclass shows you exactly how to get to the bottom of your frustrating health symptoms, optimize your hormones and finally understand:

🤯 Why you've gained 5-11 lbs without any major changes

🤯 Why your diet & exercise routine isn’t working anymore

🤯 How to fire up your sex drive & feel desire again

🤯 How to get the best sleep of your life in “perimenopause”

🤯 How to fast-track your results with at-home lab testing

Must-Know Details:

☑️ Taught by Jennifer Woodward, MS, FDNP, Hormone Expert

☑️ Science-backed approach to hormone health in your 40’s

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Are you a mama in your 40's, juggling all-the-things,

but feeling like your health just hit a brick wall?

Can you relate to any of these?

✓ You’re so freaking tired, bordering on total exhaustion

You waste hours trying to fall asleep most nights

✓ You struggle with “brain fog” or can’t seem to focus

✓ Your body image + sex life are in the gutter

And, maybe you’ve been asking yourself…

✓ Why am I SNAPPING at my kids & husband so much?

✓ Why is my period so funky these days?

✓ Why does my doctor keep making me feel like a crazy person?

✓ Why can’t I zip my dang pants after 2 pm?

And, what’s worse?

You’ve tried EVERYTHING. From cutting carbs and tracking macros to pilates and infrared saunas. Not to mention the fact that you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on supplements, splurged on a peloton bike, and even bought those blue-light blockers.

SOO, what gives?! 😩

Hi, I’m Jennifer Woodward

I’m a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P), and Board Certified Functional Wellness Coach on a mission to help women thrive through perimenopause, so they can make their 40’s their healthiest & hottest decade yet.

After 4 kids and a lifetime trying to be the perfect wife, parent & career woman…

I was burnt the heck out. And so were my hormones.

But I didn’t always know my hormones were at the root of my symptoms.

In fact, I went from doctor to doctor, hearing things like:

🤯 “Your labs look normal”

🤯 “There’s nothing wrong with you”

🤯 “It’s just part of getting older”

🤯 “Motherhood takes a toll on your body”

🤯 “Maybe you should try Zoloft or Celexa”

So, as your typical overachiever, I powered through by eating less, working out more & trying harder.

But unfortunately, that approach made things worse.

Thankfully, three (very long) years later, I learned about the power of at-home lab testing & “bio-individuality”.

Now…I know that might sound complicated. But it’s based on something very simple → learning to give your body exactly what it needs now. Because let’s be real…what worked in your 20’s is no longer working in your 40’s. And clinging to those same strategies is wrecking your hormones, and likely your gut & thyroid too.

That’s why I’m on a mission to help you reclaim control of your health, happiness, and hormones and feel better than you have in years.

What Other Perimenopause Mamas Are Saying

“I could literally talk to you for hours about all the struggles I’ve had with hormones, endometriosis, pelvic pain, fibroids, and cysts. And for the most part, my symptoms have all subsided thanks to Jennifer!”


“I’m down 30 pounds, and have the energy to do the work I need to do, plus some. My hormones are healthy, my digestive symptoms are resolving, I no longer suffer with side effects from synthetic hormones, and I’m confident in my body’s ability to function and heal when I treat it right.”


“Your training has taught me so much about hormonal health and I feel more empowered than ever to take care of myself. Your magnetic personality & encouraging words are so appreciated!”


Get the BONUS!

The 7-Day Perimenopause Meal Plan

Call me crazy… but I’m also giving away my wildly popular 7-day meal plan. This is the exact hormone-healthy recipe collection I use with my private clients to help them stay on track throughout the week. You’ll find printable food lists with delicious, simple ingredients that are proven to help balance your hormones naturally.

All you have to do is watch the full “Forties & Fabulous” Masterclass to get:

7-Day Meal Plan to Balance Your Hormones

21-Pages of Simple + Delicious Recipes

✨ Printable Grocery Lists & Calendar

(...and, whatever you do, don’t miss the Prosciutto-Wrapped Apples)

Your 40’s Are About to Be Your Easiest Era Yet.

I know exactly how to help women in their 40’s reclaim their energy, sex drive, and confidence.

And I’ve laid it all out for you in 5 simple steps.

Because it’s TIME for your new era, and it’s gonna be a good one, mama. 🔥

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