The 5 - Minute Client Finder Tool

What if you could finally find lightworker clients on demand without dropping your prices?
Without having the light sucked out of your soul?
You can with my step-by-step 5-Minute Client Finder Tool
Let's Get You Yummy Lightworker Clients
No Sleazy Marketing - No Crazy, Complicated Systems

Free Client Finder Tool

Go from feeling like finding clients is too hard, to finding clients with ease
Cut through the crowded market of other lightworkers to find your next ideal client
Grab the attention of your ideal clients with this one simple switch
Empower you to stop reducing your rates to just sign a client
Allow you to stop offering free sessions & make an income doing what you are called to do and what you love to do
Use our Exclusive "5 Minute Client Finder“ tool to spot where to focus next to get clients
BONUSES: "5-Minute Client Finder Tool", Exclusive Lightworker Market Research, Success Case Studies and "21 Ways to Ignite Your Passion" book

Learn these secrets
Ditch the hamster wheel and find clients for your business!
Secret #1: Many gurus are teaching "widget marketing" which doesn't work for Lightworker Businesses. You need manifesting messaging. You're not selling widgets! Get this wrong and you're competing with 10 million other Lightworkers. Let me show you our exclusive Lightworker Market Research so that you are empowered to take useful action.
Secret #2: We use just 5 organic steps in our client journey. Beware of "systems" with 100's of steps that lead to burnout. They often are telling you to start from the WRONG place. I'll show you where to start so that you avoid burnout in growing your business.
Secret #3: Learn our Exclusive 5-Minute Client Finder Tool. Learn where you to look for clients, all in 5 minutes or less! I'll give you the exact tool we use.
Let's Get You Yummy Lightworker Clients
No Sleazy Marketing - No Crazy, Complicated Systems
Workshop Presented by:
Ron D. Carlson
As a lightworker entrepreneur myself, I know what lightworkers struggle with,
Getting Clients!
Let me show you how to build a business that you love without sleazy marketing and without sucking the light out of your soul!
(c) 2023 Ron D. Carlson and Lights On Business
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