Three Cs to Growing a God-Centered Business Webinar

Build Your God-Centered Business Through Community.

In this Webinar, I clarify what it means to have a God-centered business that perfectly serves Him, your ideal clients, and you.

Watch this FREE Webinar to learn about the benefits of being in a community of like-minded Christian businesswomen and entrepreneurs.


Presented by:

Deneen Troupe-Buitrago
[email protected]

I help smart entrepreneurial-spirited Christian women at the place of transition in business go from overwhelm and confusion to focus, clarity, and direction so they can experience satisfaction, be confident they are on the right path, and make wise choices that free them to follow God’s calling.

In this WEBINAR, you’ll learn these three benefits of being in a community of like-minded women:

Connection: Having connections (women who get you) gives you support, appreciation, and encouragement on every level: emotionally, spiritually, personally, and professionally.

Collaboration: Collaboration fosters creativity and advances business growth through meaningful interactions. You can connect with reliable partners for cross-promotion, referrals, accountability, and feedback.

Cultivation: Participating in cultivation activities is crucial for personal growth and achieving one's full potential. To build a successful business, follow God's calling, and contribute to others' success.

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