Webinar Starting Now!


Presented by Tony Bo, Founder of Visuals2Go

“Unlocking Potential – Empowering Your Child’s Voice”

Thank you for joining our community! Here is our first webinar from our webinar series '101 Ways to Use Visuals2Go.' Learn how to help individuals with developmental disabilities find their voice and make sense of the world around them.

Instant watch session available. Join now!

We will explore in detail the following 4 keys to unlock and empower your child's voice:

✓ Foster meaningful connections – Discover effective ways to enhance your connection with your child.
✓ Reduce and manage regulation: Acquire skills to reduce your child’s frustrations and manage challenging behaviors.
✓ Learn to communicate with purpose: Assist your child in developing purposeful communication skills.
✓ Develop essential language skills: Build fundamental language skills to enhance effective communication with others.

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