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Sat, 2/17, 6:45 AM EST webinar session is now in progress. Register now to join the in progress session.


Unlearn to relearn: The 3 step framework for life and career transformation

If you've been longing for a career shift, where you can break free from toxic work environments, ensure job security, and land a 6-figure remote job that aligns with your dreams, you're in the right place.


6:45 AM EST
Sat, 2/17, 6:45 AM EST webinar session is now in progress. Register now to join the in progress session.
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It's time to embark on a career transformation journey that empowers you to live life on your terms, embracing a career that aligns with your goals and desires.
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Your Positive Career Shift Awaits!

Here's what you'll discover:

✓ #1: The Inner Shift Method

Break free from toxic work environments.

#2: The Bounce Back Strategy

Develop resilience and strategies for career setbacks.

✓ #3: The Say Goodbye to Cubicles Framework

Acquire a proven plan for landing a 6-figure remote job you love.

Why Attend?
If you've ever felt stuck in a toxic work environment, worried about job security, or dreamed of working remotely in a 6-figure role, this masterclass is your game-changer. I've been where you are, and now, I'm here to guide you through the exact strategies that transformed my career and the careers of my students.

Join Me, Janelle: Mom-preneur + Tech Exec + Artist + Coach

Janelle has over 13+ years of experience in technology as a Principal UX Researcher. She's been running her own technology company for over 7 years and has the knowledge and experience to help you find the job of your dreams. She has successfully negotiated 6 figure job offers that increased her income by 55%, allowing her to work from home, relocate to numerous states, invest in businesses, expand her network, care for her family, take time off, and travel. She will share how to always receive what you are worth!

You don’t have to go through the trial and error process of finding the right job. She's tested everything so you don’t have to. You will learn the strategy from someone who has been receiving 6 figure job offers and contracts for 7+ years.

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