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HOW TO TURN a Non-Swimmer into a post-card-sending SUPER FAN.

Discover the IHM Method that transforms swimming instruction in many ways!

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Here's what you'll learn:

Teaching a Non-Swimmer

Teaching a non-swimmer with a unique approach to swimming using kickboards and hyperventilation techniques.

Introduction of Arms

Introducing the use of arms in swimming after the non-swimmer is able to kick for 25 yards.

Postcard from the Mediterranean Sea

Receiving a postcard from a client who successfully learned to swim and ventured into the Mediterranean Sea.

Invention of Dual Boards

The journey of inventing dual boards and seeking guidance from a business development center.

Market Expansion

Expanding the market for dual boards and making strategic contacts with potential customers and coaches.

Breakthrough in Water Polo

Exploring the use of dual boards in water polo and successful sales to coaches and teams.

Benefits of Dual Boards

Highlighting the benefits of using dual boards for vertical kicking and swimming techniques.

Marketing Strategy

Discussing the marketing strategy, sales approach, and future plans for product demonstrations and sales.

Technical Explanation

Providing a technical explanation of the benefits and functionality of dual boards in swimming and training.

Application in Training

Sharing the practical application of dual boards in swim training and the impact on swimmers' performance.

Teaching Method and IHM Positions

Explaining the teaching method and the IHM positions for using dual boards in swim training.

Promotional Video and Customer Testimonials

Discussing the creation of a promotional video featuring a 10-year-old swimmer and customer testimonials.

Enjoy this new invention and tell your friends and students!