Transition to Tech with Confidence!
Are you eager to transition into the tech industry but unsure where to start?
Look no further! Teknewlogy's Webinar is your gateway to a successful career in technology.
Here's what you'll learn and gain!
✔️ Understanding Software Development: Gain insights into the fundamentals of software development and its importance in the tech industry.
✔️ Exploring Software Development Models: Dive deep into different software development models and understand their significance in the development process.
✔️ Demystifying DevOps: Learn why DevOps is crucial in today's fast-paced tech world and how it can revolutionize your approach to software development.
✔️ A Deep Dive into DevOps & its Tools: Discover the core principles of DevOps and explore essential tools used in DevOps practices.
✔️ Training Special Features & Benefits: Explore the unique features of our DevOps training program and the benefits it offers for your career advancement.
✔️ Hands-on Demo: Experience a hands-on demonstration on how to launch your website with confidence using DevOps practices.
✔️ Free Access to Tech Foundations Courses: As a bonus, gain free access to our tech foundations online self-paced courses to further enhance your technical skills.

Why Attend?

❎ Learn from industry experts with years of experience in DevOps practices.
❎ Get insights into the latest trends and best practices in software development and DevOps.
❎ Network with like-minded individuals and expand your professional connections.
❎ Kickstart your journey into the tech industry with valuable knowledge and practical skills.

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Unable to attend but still interested? Don't worry! All registrants will receive a recorded copy after the event.

HOST: Campbell Ajiye (CTO), and accomplished Software Engineer at Teknewlogy. With a career deeply rooted in innovation and technology, Campbell has been a driving force behind Teknewlogy's success.

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