On the Brink of Burnout?

These Self-Care Secrets Will Help You Become Healthier, Happier and More Successful Than Ever–In Less Time Than You Thought Possible!

Presented by:

Tasha Wilson

Tasha Wilson is the owner and founder of Hello Self-Made and the presenter of this workshop

Here's what you'll learn during this free workshop:

How you can use journaling to dramatically improve your business and life – even if you “hate writing.”

The 2 most effective ways to eliminate drama and negativity from your life and free up loads of mental space – in just minutes a day!

How to stop feeling guilty when you’re not working – including two simple boundaries to set to burnout-proof your business (and brain!).

Join this FREE workshop to learn simple, quick self-care practices for busy entrepreneurs like you. As a business owner, taking care of yourself is crucial to avoid burnout. Let's make self-care easy, pleasurable, and fast. Register now and prioritize yourself to set a shining example for your clients. Let's do this!

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