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Steve Mills

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Here's what you'll learn:

✓ Why you need to get serious about creating and converting leads into sales, even if it is not working very well for you!
Why you need to grow the list of people you communicate with?
Why you need to increase the amount of marketing that you do?
Why you need to invest in your own business education so you can create a positive ROI faster
Why is now the right time to get started growing your business?
What are the exact tools that you need to be using in order to start seeing success?
How to get better RESULTS NOW!
Why you need financial acumen?
Why do you need to get better at creating and converting leads into sales?
Who is Steve Mills and why can he help you?
Steve 's background:
Steve has spent over 29 years providing sales, marketing and business growth advice and training for small business owners
During this time, he has helped many business go from start up to £100k. He has helped other businesses to go from £250k to seven figures and some go far beyond these numbers
He learned his skills and knowledge by investing in and being trained by many of the world's leading sales, marketing and business growth experts
Steve is an internationally renowned professional results growth speaker, who is called upon to speak in countries throughout the world, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Australia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Ireland, UK, USA, and Canada
As a young man Steve was a former international sportsman who is now passionate about helping businesses achieve their full potential. With a focus on results, he inspires and empowers audiences to take their performances to the next level.
Steve has a wealth of experience and a proven track record, he has captivated audiences by speaking to groups of up to 5,000 people. His dynamic and engaging approach to presentations has earned him a reputation as a top-notch speaker, delivering valuable insights and actionable strategies to drive growth and success.

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Don't take my word for it...

We signed up to Steve’s RESULTS Mastery programme three months ago and since then we have grown our Accountancy Practice by 64.7%. Steve first helped us to increase our leads from our Google Ads. We doubled our leads in the first month without spending any more money on advertising.

Steve is top class, spot on and clued in. You should give him a try!

Seamus Parfrey - Partner - Parfrey Murphy Accountants - Cork, Ireland

In 10 minutes of working with Steve, he gave us some advice that made us £5,000,000! We had spent £12,000 on advertising over a six month period without getting a lead.

Steve looked at the advert, told us the headline was ‘crap’. He came up with a new headline and the following month we got five leads resulting in sales of £5,000,000 and it took him 10 minutes to do. That level of knowledge is worth its weight in gold.

Nicholas Jovisa

Phenomenal! I always thought that I knew how to sell, how to market, and how to get new business, but when you have a fresh, clever and experienced set of eyes look at your company, you will realise what you’ve missed!

Steve and his team are phenomenal and have opened our business to all kinds of new areas.

Get them to look at your company, and show you how they can help grow your business!!!

Jeremy Stock - Managing Director of Run Print Run

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